Inventing Stan was easy... making Stan behave is impossible!

Kyle, the new kid at Buckley Elementary School, invents an imaginary student to take the blame for a prank that goes wrong in class.  How perfect -- the kids can play pranks and never get into trouble!

When Stan takes on a life of his own, the kids get into more trouble than they ever imagined.  Share the adventure and fun with the kids in Mr. Hoker's 6th grade class at this website, named for the  Managing Stan Club.


You will recognize the Fun Stuff  in this website and the kids in the book, Zapped!
New! Make a ring from a dollar bill - just like the kids in the book! Dollar Ring
  • Chris shows you how to make dollar rings, step by step.  Start a new trend at your school!
  • Dani's Pig Latin Lessons let you share the secret language the kids use in the book.  
  • Make slime from the recipe in Brian's Science Lab.  
  • Chris loves to cook and he shares his Favorite Recipes along with lots of kid friendly kitchen tips.  
  • Kyle, the new kid at Buckley School, shares his New Kid Survival Guide.  
  • Zack's Fire Safety Tips include a fun interactive quiz.  
  • Stefi's Word Games let you share the fun of playing with words -- it's as much fun as playing with your food! 
  • Learn how to become a Happenstance Hero, the school program invented by the most terrific school principal you'll ever meet.

You'll enjoy the Book Stuff, too.

  • The Synopsis of Zapped! is a brief description of the whole book.
  • Read the First Chapter online -- you'll love meeting the kids and sharing their adventures!
  • There is a lot more adventure and fun in the Buckley School Book collection.
  • Brainstorm is not only a book, it has a real website that you can visit.
  • Visit Corey Green online.  This website includes many more fun activities with the kids in the Buckley School Books.
  • Contact Corey Green -- she's a real person who loves writing for kids.


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